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What is KNOT ?

KNOT is a CLIENT / SERVER application that aims mainly onto visualizing the structure of any given web site into a 3D representation. Along with that is was designated to be able to show real time process data of the web server. In other words if a user is accessing a page, it should be noticeable in the 3D structure.

It utilises the htDig robot for getting hold of the structural data. htDig was therefore modified to keep track of link data and was enhanced to store its results in a mySQL database.

Data is then processed by a little PHP script that optimizes it for building a hierarchical structure.

For communication on the server side a small daemon was written that access the database and passes its content along to the client java applet.

The real time server data is also passed by that daemon. The server access data is obtained by watching the servers log file. Valid entries are then transmitted in form of a unique identification.